Restaurante La Casa de la Playa

The Beach House merges local culinary authenticity with modern touches. Its charming atmosphere and diverse menu offer a unique sensory experience.

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Located in the picturesque town of Arrieta, the Restaurant La Casa de la Playa emerges as a culinary haven, blending the authenticity of local cuisine with modern and eclectic touches. This gastronomic destination has surpassed conventional expectations, becoming a unique sensory experience on the coast.

The walls of La Casa de la Playa seem to tell silent stories as diners immerse themselves in a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Each dish is a masterpiece, crafted with care and passion, highlighting the fresh flavors of local ingredients. From exquisite seafood to vegetarian delights, the menu’s diversity reflects the culinary richness of the region.

The charming atmosphere intertwines with the coastal surroundings, creating an experience that goes beyond the gastronomic. La Casa de la Playa is not just a restaurant; it is a corner where tradition and innovation dance in harmony with every dish served.

Exploring the menu is like embarking on an unexpected culinary journey. Each bite awakens the senses in unparalleled ways, taking diners on a flavor adventure that challenges conventional expectations. Surprise and intrigue are essential ingredients in this gastronomic feast.

For those seeking a culinary experience that transcends the ordinary, La Casa de la Playa in Arrieta is the perfect destination. Immerse yourself in the exquisite blend of flavors, the elegance in presentation, and the warmth of service. Discover a feast that will delight your senses with every visit!


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  • Store Name: Restaurante La Casa de la Playa
  • Vendor: Restaurante La Casa de la Playa
  • Address: C. el Lajero 1C
    35542 Restaurante La Casa de la Playa
    Las Palmas

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C. el Lajero, 1C, 35542 Haría, Las Palmas, Spain