Blue Sea Lanzarote Palm


Just 5 minutes walk from Puerto del Carmen Beach, the Blue Sea Lanzarote Palm rises, featuring a communal outdoor pool, a relaxing solarium, and a cozy restaurant. The entire property offers free WiFi access. Make your reservation today!

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Innovative and contemporary are the apartments of Blue Sea Lanzarote Palm, where air conditioning blends with modernity. In every corner, a surprise: a flat-screen television that captures you, a telephone that connects your desires, and a sofa bed ready to embrace your dreams.

The terrace, like an extension of your thoughts, invites you to breathe the salty ocean air. A kitchen area rises in silence, with its refrigerator guarding fresh secrets, the microwave whispering tales of tasty dishes, and the toaster that takes bread and transforms it into golden smiles.

And in the aquatic sanctuary, the private bathroom adorns itself with a shower, where drops fall like promises of rejuvenation.

You will discover that food and drink dance together on the terrace, while the furnished garden waits patiently to tell its own stories.

Time surrenders to this refuge, as Blue Sea Lanzarote Palm is just a breath away from shops that guard treasures, restaurants that serve emotions, and supermarkets that treasure the everyday. Beyond, Lanzarote Golf Resort and Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park await, ready to reveal their wonders on a short 5-minute drive. And as the journey comes to an end, Lanzarote Airport, 7 km away, whispers stories of farewells and welcomes in the breeze.


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BLUESEA Lanzarote Palm, Calle Anzuelo, Puerto del Carmen, España