Restaurante La Cocina de Colacho in Lanzarote

Through laboratory-like glass, Colacho and his team create unique gastronomic experiences. The blend of colors, flavors, and textures ensures surprises. Tasting menu for €95. Book now!

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Through thick glasses, as if in a laboratory, Colacho and his team can be seen crafting unique dishes and recipes from every angle. The blend of colors, flavors, tradition, and new textures ensures that the customer always leaves satisfied and surprised.

Tasting Menu

  • Bread with butter, Janubio salt, extra virgin olive oil, and Tinajo tomato
  • Colacho’s Appetizer
  • Pumpkin cream with yogurt ice cream
  • Gratinated shrimp and leek cake with seafood sauce
  • Wild asparagus with Uga salmon, Lanzarote cheese, and hollandaise sauce
  • Cherne loin with vegetable ratatouille and thyme-flavored creamy potatoes
  • Roasted suckling pig with apple compote
  • Gratinated El Hierro pineapple slices with caramel and sorbet of the day
  • Chocolate coulant accompanied by our ice creams

Price: €95

Some dishes may vary depending on the market.


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Product Location

C. Velázquez, 15, 35580 Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Spain