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Experience the unique gastronomic journey of Restaurant Palacio Ico, where Chef Víctor Valverde combines local richness with his international training. His meticulous and restless approach is reflected in every dish, creating a symphony of flavors that challenges predictability.


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Immerse yourself in the unique gastronomic experience of Palacio Ico Restaurant, where Executive Chef Víctor Valverde blends meticulousness, curiosity, and innovation. With a foundation rooted in the local products of Lanzarote, Valverde has perfected his art under the guidance of Martin Berasatigui and Sergi Arola, both Michelin-starred chefs. Valverde, restless and entrepreneurial, brings an international perspective acquired at the "W Hotel Starwood" and the "Hand Made Food Restaurant" in London. His local project "Amarre" in Lanzarote is a testament to his commitment to the island.

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