Accommodation in Ye

Ye is a small town in Lanzarote belonging to the municipality of Haría. It is located at the foot of the northern face of La Corona Volcano so its surroundings are ideal for those who visit the island in search for tranquillity and to be in close contact with nature. If this is the case and you are looking for accommodation in Ye, we leave the best options for you here.

The best rated holiday accommodation in Ye

For a quiet holiday in Lanzarote with unique surroundings, accommodation in Ye can be a fantastic option. And there are some great value places to stay:

  • Casa Los Volcanes. This accommodation has a fantastic location, is close to everything and has good access to the road. It is a spacious place with all manner of comforts and is set amongst spectacular scenery. The house is very well equipped, clean and has natural light. And the food is excellent!
  • Riad Al Nassim. This accommodation is situated in a very quiet area of Ye. It is beautifully decorated and its glass window overlooking La Corona Volcano will captivate you. The setting is beautiful and every little detail has been taken care of. It has an outdoor barbecue among other outstanding amenities. And at an excellent price!


The widest choice of accommodation in Ye

The widest choice of accommodation in Ye is found in accessible areas of the town, where you can enjoy the surroundings and quickly find access to other nearby towns and to La Corona Volcano itself.

For those who want to enjoy Lanzarote in a more leisurely way and slightly further away from the tourism of the main beach towns, accommodation in Ye can be a very good option. There are restaurants nearby, parking is easy and you will not see more breathtaking scenery.