Hostels in Lanzarote

Lanzarote has a wide range of accommodation options all over the island. From luxury hotels with sea views to a simple hostel for smaller budgets. However, not many tourists come to the island to stay in hostels, so there are not too many available. 

The best  hostels  in Lanzarote

The surf houses in Famara are probably as close as your can get to a hostel in Lanzarote. They are accommodation options especially designed for those people who have come to learn to surf and enjoy the experience together with other surfers, making for a great atmosphere. It is the perfect place for solo travellers as you can meet a lot of people. Surf House Hostel Famara is one of those surf houses with shared rooms where you’ll meet other likeminded people.

In Tías there is also the Albergue de Tegoyo. It has several facilities for picnics, meetings, and events. In summer it usually hosts camps for youngsters but if you want to spend a few days at this Hostel you can always ask for permission from the Tías Council, and if it is available you can enjoy the beautiful nature here in its purest form.


Cost effective hostels in Lanzarote

You can find several cheap hostels in Lanzarote. Our favourite options are the Hotel Mirador del Muelle House, located near Playa de La Cantería and Paradise Room at Playa Honda. They both cost around 30-35 euros per night.