Accommodation in Tías

Tías is a small town in Lanzarote on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and, despite being relatively quiet, it is very popular among tourists. That means that there is a wide range of accommodation available in Tías. Below are a few recommendations to enjoy your stay on the island when you next visit.

The best rated holiday accommodation in Tías

One of the best rated places to stay on your holiday in Tías is La Pausa; an incredible place to relax while surrounded by nature. It has outdoor pool and wonderful surroundings which are well worth discovering at your own pace. It is also very close to the island’s tourist sites, meaning you are not too far from the hustle and bustle if that is what you are after.

Another great place to enjoy the serenity of Tías is at Villa Secret Chill, with an outdoor pool, cosy rooms, and great customer service. It is very well located if you want to get out and see other parts of the island and is the perfect place to relax. Wandering around this place and its surroundings is a real pleasure.

Adrifeel SL is also another cosy option, a place in Tías with a pool, plenty of facilities, and amazing views. Ideal for a bit of relaxation!


The wide range of accommodation options available in Tías

Most of the accommodation options in Tías are set in the countryside, so this is the ideal place to come if you are looking for some peace and quiet. However, it is also very close to Puerto del Carmen, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lanzarote, where the choice of accommodation is even greater.

Nevertheless, Tías is close to all of the popular beaches while also providing you with that peace you are after to unwind while on your holiday. There is a lot to choose from!