Kamezí Deli & Bistró Restaurant in Lanzarote

Kamezí Deli & Bistro in Lanzarote offers a gastronomic experience that combines innovation and tradition, standing out for its tasting menu and recognitions from Sol Repsol and Michelin.

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The Kamezí Deli & Bistro stands as the best place to savor the delicacies of the island. Its kitchen team, always eager to innovate, sources fresh, seasonal products from the efforts of local farmers. This commitment to the authenticity and culinary tradition of Lanzarote translates into dishes that celebrate the richness of local flavors.

Gastronomic Experiences

  • Bernegal Tasting Menu (12 Dishes) – €105
  • Gánigo Tasting Menu (9 Dishes) – €90

Selected Pairings

If you wish to complement your experience, two pairing options are offered: short for €50 and long for €60. These pairings are carefully selected to enhance the flavors of each dish.

A Cellar for Wine Enthusiasts

The cellar of Kamezí Deli & Bistro is a celebration of wine itself. Supervised by renowned oenologists, it presents a selection ranging from large wineries to the most authentic creations of small winegrowers. It is an opportunity to explore the diversity and richness of local wines.

Signature Cocktails and Artisanal Techniques

The restaurant’s cocktail bar is a true author’s experience. Each creation by the bartender is based on artisanal techniques and uses local products to pay homage to the classics of mixology, blending history, tradition, and sustainability.

A Space for the Fullness of the Senses

Kamezí Deli & Bistro is part of the Kamezí Senso concept, a space designed to make the experience at Kamezí Boutique Villas a true celebration of the senses. Here, sustainable luxury merges with well-being, creating an oasis of tranquility.

Hours and Availability

The restaurant offers dinners from Tuesday to Saturday, and lunches on Fridays and Saturdays. The opening hours are subject to current socio-sanitary measures.

Deli Market and Homemade Bakery

Kamezí Market is not a common supermarket, but a luxury pantry with a selection of gourmet products. In addition, homemade bread and pastries are prepared daily for the restaurant and the villa guests.

Ocean View Terrace: A Connection with the Sea

The terrace of Kamezí Deli & Bistro connects with the ocean through an infinite water raft, offering a space for contemplating the horizon and paying tribute to the volcanic caves and grottoes of the island.


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