The best hotels in Tías

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Which hotels in Tías are best for families?

Most accommodation in Tías is rural in character so it is ideal if you are looking for tranquillity and closer contact with nature during your holiday in Lanzarote.

One of the most recommended hotels to relax as a family in Tías is La Pausa. It has a swimming pool and is surrounded by nature. As it is close to the tourist areas, you can make plans for your family to visit during your stay on the island.


Which hotels in Tías are best for couples?

If you are visiting Lanzarote as a couple, a great hotel to stay in Tias is Villa Secret Chill, a hotel with an outdoor pool, pretty rooms and a full range of services. It is set in a wonderful environment to enjoy nature and to relax, and its location is perfect for travelling around the island and getting to know some of its hidden gems.


Which hotels in Tías offer the best breakfasts?

One of the best hotels near Tias for breakfast is La Isla Y El Mar Boutique which is located in Puerto del Carmen, less than four kilometres away. It is a busier area but has all the amenities of a five star hotel.

If you are looking for something more modest, the Apart Costa Mar apartments, also in Puerto del Carmen, is ideal. In addition to the option of having breakfast included with your reservation, you can also enjoy services such as a swimming pool, leisure and sport area, and a children’s area. It is perfect for families!


The best hotels with good views in Tías

There are many hotels with lots of charm and incredible views in Tías such as the Adrifeel SL which also has a swimming pool and is fully equipped with all the amenities to provide you with a comfortable stay. The views are unbelievable and it is a great place to disconnect.

There are also stunning views at the Riu Paraiso Lanzarote hotel, located in Puerto del Carmen. It also has a wide range of amenities such as a swimming pool, spa and a kids club, and is ideal for the family!


How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in Tías?

The price of hotels in Tías may vary depending on the time of year, the length of your holiday, the types of services you require and many other factors. Therefore, the best thing to do is to use the hotel search engine to compare the ones that interest you and then make your reservation with the one you prefer.


What are the best budget hotels in Tías?

Most hotels in Tías are rural so they are cheaper than those found in nearby coastal towns such as Puerto del Carmen. Those that offer the best value for money are La Pausa, Adrifeel SL and Villa Secret Chill.


Which hotels in Tías have swimming pools?

Villa Secret Chill is one of the best hotels in Tías with an outdoor pool. Adrifeel SL and La Pausa also have pools and are excellent options. If you would prefer to stay in an area with more of the hustle and bustle of tourists, Sol Lanzarote and VIK Hotel San Antonio, both in Puerto del Carmen, also have several swimming pools for you to fully enjoy.