The best hotels in Playa Blanca

Find hotels that have the best views or hotels that include breakfast in Playa blanca

Find the best hotel deals in Lanzarote’s Playa Blanca

To help you plan your holidays in advance and choose the best accommodation, you can use the search engine on You will be able to compare different hotels in Playa Blanca and make an online reservation for the one you prefer.

Which hotels in Playa Blanca are best for families?

There are several hotel options in Playa Blanca that are great for families. The Hotel H10 Rubicón Palace, for example, has children’s clubs for children of different ages and a full entertainment programme with activities for the little ones. The Iberostar Selection Lanzarote Park Hotel is also a great option and has three children’s pools.

Which hotels in Playa Blanca are best for couples?

If you are looking for quieter hotels in Playa Blanca to enjoy a relaxing stay with your partner, the adults only Boutique Hotel H10 White Suites has everything you need to unwind. The La Cala Suites Hotel  is another adults only venue and has a swimming pool, fitness centre and various services to help you enjoy a romantic getaway.

Which hotels in Playa Blanca offer the best breakfasts?

When you plan your holiday with excursions but want to have breakfast included so you can make the most of the rest of your time, there are several hotels in Playa Blanca that offer this option. For example, the Hotel H10 Lanzarote Princess and the Hipotels Hotel Natura Palace both have a buffet restaurant to give you some energy before starting the day.

The best hotels with good views in Playa Blanca

There are many hotels in Playa Blanca that have privileged views. For example, there is the Volcán Lanzarote Hotel which is located next to the Rubicón Marina a few metres from Playa Blanca. The H10 Lanzarote Princess also has spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.

How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in Playa Blanca?

The price of accommodation in a hotel in Playa Blanca will depend on different factors. On the one hand, it will depend on the type of establishment and the number of stars it has. It will also depend on the time of year. During high season accommodation prices are usually higher.

There are other things that can have an effect on the hotel prices including proximity to the beach, services offered, etc..

You can check how much your stay in Lanzarote would cost by using our hotel search engine where you can compare the prices and features of each one.

What are the best budget hotels in Playa Blanca?

One of the best value hotels in Playa Blanca is the Hotel H10 Lanzarote Princess. It has a great location, offers various leisure options and has two outdoor swimming pools.

Which hotels in Playa Blanca have swimming pools?

Whilst most hotels in Playa Blanca have at least one swimming pool, a number of them have various pools. The Boutique Hotel H10 White Suites has two outdoor pools and a wellness centre, whilst the Hipotels Hotel Natura Palace also has two large pools and a spa. And the Volcán Lanzarote Hotel has no less than five swimming pools and a spa so you can really experience the joy of water on your holiday.


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