Playa de Papagayo is one of the island’s most beautiful and most photographed beaches. Despite its small size, its natural charm will never cease to amaze with its crystal clear waters and golden sands, it is as close to paradise as you will get on Lanzarote.



What to see at Playa de Papagayo?

Where is Playa de Papagayo?

The Playa de Papagayo is located at the Los Ajaches Natural Monument, a place of significant natural heritage for the island of Lanzarote. Its belongs to the town of Playa Blanca, in Yaiza.

Playas de Papagayo
Playas de Papagayo
Playas de Papagayo
Playas de Papagayo

Features of Playa de Papagayo

Playa de Papagayo
Playa Blanca
Public transport connections:
Number of visitors:
Mid to high
Family Friendly:
150 m
Isolated in the heart of nature.
Low difficulty

Playa de Papagayo belongs to a set of beaches which make up the Los Ajaches Natural Monument. It is in a gully which you have to get to by going down some steps that offer spectacular views of the beach. There is also a beach bar at the top if you would prefer to enjoy a refreshing drink rather than be in the sun. The calm waters and characteristic pleasant weather in the south of the island make this beach ideal for snorkelling, so don’t forget your goggles and snorkel if you’re coming to Papagayo for the day. You cannot leave this beach without enjoying the sunset, one of the most special and magical on all of Lanzarote.

How to get to Playa de Papagayo

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it a windy beach?

No, it is not a very windy beach.

What type of sand is there?

It is a beach with white sand.

Are there many waves?

No, it has calm waters.

Are there any public transport connections?

No, you can only get there by car, bike or foot.

Does it get busy?

As one of the island’s most well-known beaches it is usually quite busy. However, during winter there are less visitors.

Is it family friendly?

It is recommended for families due to its calm waters and good weather.

What sports can you do at the beach there?

It is the perfect beach for snorkelling, as its clear waters allow you to see all of the area’s marine biodiversity.

Is there parking?

You can park close to the beach.

Are there showers?


Does this beach have lifeguards?


Is this beach suitable for wheelchair users?

No, it is not recommended for wheelchair users as to access the beach you have to go down several stairs.

Are pets allowed on this beach?

Pets are not allowed, just as with other parts of the island’s coast. Despite this, there are often some local dogs.

Climate at Playa de Papagayo

Due to the southern location of Papagayo, it is a beach that enjoys pleasant temperatures for most of the year. The average temperature ranges from 21-28ºC, with the lowest temperatures in winter.

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