Yaiza is a town in the south of Lanzarote with just over 800 inhabitants, although the overall population of the area that falls under Yaiza is around 16,000. This municipality was the first place of arrival of the conquistadores and was the first European enclave in the Canary Islands.

This town is on the edge of an area which was engulfed by two volcanic eruptions in 1730 and 1736.

It is one of the best preserved towns in the Canary Islands, with a huge respect for its architectural traditions. In fact, it has been awarded for its beautiful streets and houses, which are decorated with a wide variety of plants and flowers.

Its charming landscape has made Yaiza one of the most visited towns in Lanzarote.

Where is Yaiza?

Yaiza is located in the south of Lanzarote. It is the southernmost and westernmost municipality on the island, bordering to the north with the municipalities of Tinajo and Tías.


What to see in Yaiza?

The town of Yaiza is well worth a visit thanks to its decorative beauty and traditional Canary Island style houses, with flat, gradual leaning rooves.

Opposite the local town hall you can also find the parish church of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, built in the 17th Century, it is a great tourist attraction.

The Casa de la Cultura Benito Pérez Armas, with its wooden balconies and stairs is another wonderful attraction.

The area’s landscapes are spectacular and its proximity to the Timanfaya National Park means that this town is the perfect place to take a camel ride from the Montañas de Fuego.

We cannot forget to mention the other nearby places of interest such as Los Hervideros, volcanic hollows eroded by the force of the sea; El Golfo, where you can discover the Charco de Los Clicos; or the Los Volcanes Natural Park.

Enjoy in Yaiza



The best food in Yaiza

Yaiza has two modern marinas: Puerto Calero and Marina Rubicón. This seaside ambience is the perfect setting to enjoy a delicious fresh fish dish.

You have to try the fried Moray eel, but there are other typical dishes available as well such as stew, rancho canario, papas arrugadas and roast goat. And for dessert? Truchas de batata, tortias de yema, or cabello de ángel.

Shopping in Yaiza

In this area, and not just in the town of Yaiza, you’ll find typical local craft shops and wine bodegas.


Climate in Yaiza

The municipality of Yaiza has a desert climate, and there is very little rainfall throughout the year.

The average temperature is around 19ºC during the year, meaning that anytime is a good time to visit this charming little part of Lanzarote.

Local fests in Yaiza

The main celebration in Yaiza is that of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, the town’s patron saint, this is celebrated on 8th September.

The fests of San Marcial de Rubicón, the patron saint of Lanzarote are also popular, celebrated on 7th July.

How to get to Yaiza?






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