Restaurants In Lanzarote

Gofio, wrinkled potatoes, grilled fish... the gastronomy of Lanzarote stands out for its simplicity but also for its local products that are slow-cooked in the traditional way. However, nowadays the island's traditional flavors are mixed with new culinary trends in order to offer a rich and varied gastronomy all over the island of Lanzarote. 

The best restaurants in Lanzarote 

Lanzarote has a wide variety of restaurants that stand out for their gastronomic proposal, their variety of flavor, the area in which they are located or the experience they offer:

  • El Diablo 

On the main road of Yaiza, Tinajo, you will find El Diablo, a restaurant designed by César Manrique where you can enjoy a tasty lunch after your visit to the Timanfaya National Park. It stands out for its special oven that uses the heat of the earth emerging just ten meters below the restaurant.

  • Jameos del Agua

This extraordinary natural scenery can also be enjoyed through the gastronomy. In the heart of this cave originated many years ago by the eruption of the volcano, you can enjoy a contemporary menu and a proposal of different flavors. 

  • Villa Toledo

You will find this restaurant in Costa Teguise which has an unbeatable location. In the middle of the seafront avenue, this old mansion will offer you simple and traditional cuisine while you enjoy an evening overlooking the sea. 

  • Restaurante Lilium

In Arrecife you will be able to enjoy the modern and sophisticated cuisine of the Lilium Restaurant: traditional meals with a modern touch. 


The cheapest restaurants in Lanzarote

If you want to eat for cheap while enjoying a tasty meal in Lanzarote, check out these restaurants: 

  • Restaurante Charco Vivo

In this traditional restaurant in Arrecife you will be able to taste the traditional dishes of the island at average prices. 

  • Bar-Cafetería el Pisquito

Located in Arrieta, this small bar offers a wide variety of fresh fish and delicious tapas to enjoy by the sea.

  • Bar Stop Yaiza

If you want to get unbeatable prices, the Bar Stop Yaiza is the perfect option if you are looking for the same old traditional bar. Cheap, tasty and generous portions. 

  • El Barquillo

This classic bar stands out for its fish and seafood. It is a traditional bar, located in the basement of a building, which is always crowded with people for its great quality and affordable prices. 

  • Mercado Municipal de Abastos

This simple establishment located in the market of Haría is a typical bar-restaurant with a great quality-price ratio. They use local, fresh and seasonal products in all of their dishes.