The location of Tabayesco is perfect for those who want to enjoy the peace and quiet of Lanzarote and at the same time be very close to the coast. Its proximity to Arrieta just a few minutes by car gives the municipality all the necessary services. It also stands out for its landscape formed by the cultivated fields.

Where is Tabayesco?

Tabayesco is a small town located in one of the most beautiful valleys of the island, the Temisa Valley, belonging to the municipality of Haría. It is located in the north of Lanzarote and a few minutes from the coastal town of Arrieta. If you enjoy routes in the countryside and contact with nature, do not hesitate to read this article to discover one of the most special natural areas of Lanzarote.

What to see in Tabayesco?

Visiting Tabayesco during your stay on the island is a great opportunity for nature lovers. The winding road that runs through the town can provide a beautiful experience that you can do by bike, car or on foot through trails. The Temisa Valley, of which Tabayesco is part, is full of terraces and sand, which allows us to discover how the people of Lanzarote have modeled the landscape in an exemplary way, always respecting the environment and the initial structure of the landscape to grow local products such as potatoes, lentils or onions. In addition, the head of the valley consists of three ravines: El Cuchillo, Madre del Agua and Chafariz. The latter is the most special because it is a natural source of drinking water on the island. In this valley, there is the village of Tabayesco, which has houses scattered in the area of the Barranco de Curbelo.


Enjoy in Tabayesco


The best food in Tabayesco

The small size of Tabayesco and the clear tradition of agriculture means that there are no bars or restaurants in the streets. However, this is not a problem for its visitors. Arrieta is only five minutes away by car and has a gastronomic offer to suit all tastes.

Shopping in Tabayesco

This town belongs to an area of high ecological and cultural value, due to the amount of crops that spread through the valleys and ravines. It is for this reason that there is no established commercial zone. However, its location a few minutes from the town of Arrieta, makes it perfectly communicated for any need during your trip: from small supermarkets, bars, restaurants, clothing and souvenir shops …

Weather in Tabayesco

The average temperature in Tabayesco is 18ºC to 23ºC, very mild and perfect for practicing any sport. The best time of the year to visit the town is from May to December, since in the first months of the year the temperatures drop considerably. Average annual rainfall is 201 mm and average humidity is 57%.

Festivities in Tabayesco

The municipal festivals of Tabayesco celebrate the feast of the Virgen de la Candelaria in January. They are parties in which the locals share leisure and sports activities in which they enjoy as a big family.

If you choose this area to enjoy your stay on the island, we recommend that you book any of the beautiful and exclusive rural houses that are located in Tabayesco. There you can enjoy open spaces and in contact with nature, where a good barbecue cannot be missed for your relaxing afternoons with friends and family. What better plan to have a good time on your vacation?

How to get to Tabayesco?






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