Skating In Lanzarote

Do you like to skate? Are you looking for somewhere to skate in Lanzarote? The island has several spaces where you can enjoy this activity. Here we list the best places to skate in Lanzarote.

The best places to skate in Lanzarote

On the island of Lanzarote, especially in the more built up or touristic areas, you can find plenty of places to skate. But which are the best?

  • Skatepark Extreme Center Lanzarote. Playa Honda has some of the best skating facilities on the island, if that is what you are after. It is also a great place to enjoy other extreme sports. There are also training camps and classes offered here making it the perfect place to learn.
  • Asociación de Patinaje de Lanzarote. This is a skate school for kids, teaching and training children so that they can take part in official championships. Classes are organised weekly at different spots across the island.

There are different types of skating, and Lanzarote has a range of different options so that every person can choose their favourite, with optimised spaces and organised classes for those learning from scratch.


Cost effective skate spots in Lanzarote

If you are looking for cheap or even free places to skate, Lanzarote has plenty of spots for you to enjoy your favourite activity. For example…

  • Arrecife Skate Park. This is in the capital and has ramps and boxes making it a great place to practice your skate tricks. It is an open air and public facility, and while it is in need of some repairs, it is perfect for those looking to learn and practice without having to pay.

Skating is an exciting sport and there are an increasing number of fans taking it up, which has led to more and more skating options being available in Lanzarote.