Museums and Monuments in Lanzarote

When talking about Lanzarote, it is common to just think about its beaches and volcanoes, but it is an island packed full of tradition and has had civilizations living there for over six centuries. The diverse richness of the Lanzarote islanders is reflected in the monuments and museums, with a wide variety of culture and art, without failing to mention the acclaimed artist César Manrique, of course.

In Lanzarote you can find art galleries, historic museums, and even sculptures at the bottom of the sea and archaeological ruins.


The best museums and monuments in Lanzarote

The island of Lanzarote has a wide range of museums and monuments for visitors to enjoy. The island’s key figure is César Manrique, whose imagination created some of the island’s most prominent architectural sites and landscapes. 

Without a doubt, the most revered of these is the Jameos del Agua. Utilising the volcanic tunnel formed by one of La Corona’s last eruptions, the artist designed a unique cultural and touristic complex unlike any other in the world. It is a space that is combined with the Cueva de los Verdes. Six kilometres of underground chambers that you have to see to believe.

A little further south, in Guatiza, the same artist designed another of his famous creations which is also a cultural and touristic centre. The Cactus Garden offers up a completely different experience to that mentioned previously. 


Lanzarote’s most cost effective museums and monuments.

The prices of museums in Lanzarote are fairly accessible. The cheapest is probably the Pirate Museum, which costs just 3 euros.

Another good option is the César Manrique House Museum, where entry is 10 euros.

If your idea is to visit several museums, the best thing to do would be to buy a pass that gives you entry to lots of different museums and attractions. To give you an idea, the six visit pass costs 35 euros. You can find these passes on the CACT (Art, Culture, and Tourism Centres) website.


Top rated museums by visitors in Lanzarote

According to internet users, the best museums in Lanzarote are:

Mancha Blanca Visitor Centre: This is, undoubtedly, a must see to discover the volcanic history of Lanzarote. At this centre you can find out all about the most significant volcanic eruptions to have taken place on the island,  between 1730 and 1736 in Timanfaya. 

Pirate Museum This is located in the Santa Bárbara castle in Villa de Teguise. Lanzarote was an island which was regularly occupied by pirates, and this museum tells their story.

César Manrique House Museum: This is the house where this famous Lanzarote personality lived before his tragic death in an accident. It is located in Haría.

Campesino House Museum and Monument: This centre is split into two parts: One is a homage to the island’s countryfolk where you can see all of the farming activity, techniques, and equipment they use, as well as their way of life on the island, and the other part is a homage to César Manrique.

Museo Atlantico de Lanzarote (Atlantic Museum): The first underwater museum in Europe. It is around 12-15 metres below sea level to the south of the island. This diving museum in Lanzarote has dozens of display pieces, mainly human figures, which have helped to create an impressive fauna and flora ecosystem under the sea. It was created by Jason deCaires Taylor. You can visit the museum by going on a scuba dive, a tour offered by several of the island’s diving schools. 

International Museum of Contemporary Art: located in the San José Castle in Arrecife. A huge exhibition of Contemporary Art.

Lagomar Museum: One of the island’s most visited tourist sites. A house inside of a volcano, simply incredible. It can be found in the town of Nazaret.