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Come and join our group yoga class in Lanzarote. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the island while you relax and rejuvenate in our yoga session. Our experienced instructor will guide you through a practice designed for any level of skill, from beginners to experienced yogis. Join us for an unforgettable yoga experience in Lanzarote!

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Our group yoga class in Lanzarote is a unique experience that combines the island’s natural beauty with a relaxing and rejuvenating yoga session. The class includes gentle and effective stretches, as well as breathing techniques that will help you find calmness and serenity. Each student will have their own yoga mat for the practice.

The class takes place facing the ocean, which adds an extra element of relaxation and natural beauty. Our experienced instructor will guide you through the practice, adapting to your skill level and helping you find inner peace and relaxation.

The class lasts 75 minutes, enough time to disconnect from daily life and find calmness and serenity in an unforgettable environment. Come and enjoy a yoga experience by the sea in Lanzarote!



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