Kayak In Lanzarote

Lanzarote es un destino ideal para practicar y disfrutar de actividades en el mar. Puedes enamorarte de sus maravillosas costas en kayak durante todo el año ya que la temperatura siempre acompaña, especialmente en verano y en la zona sur de la isla.

There are several companies that will take you along the main coasts of the island to enjoy this activity safely. 


The best Kayak tours in Lanzarote

Kayak Lanzarote is one of the main companies offering kayak and paddle surf tours. They organize guided trips to different parts of the island, especially in the south where the conditions are best. They have transportation to take you to the most idyllic places on the island: pristine beaches, islets, caves, etc… Places you will not forget. 

The most popular destinations for kayaking are Playa Blanca and Playa Papagayo, where you can also enjoy snorkeling, usually included in the activity.


The cheapest kayak tours in Lanzarote

The cheapest tour you can find in Lanzarote is probably in Playa Papagayo. A tour of about 3 hours and where participants of any level can do the activity. On the tour you will be guided through several beaches in the area. You will be able to experience the crystal-clear waters of Playa Papagayo while snorkeling. If you need to rest, you can go to the beach and recharge your batteries with a small picnic that Kayak Lanzarote will prepare for you. The tour costs approximately 45 euros.