Camel ride In Lanzarote

Don’t pass up on this amazing opportunity to discover some of the island’s most beautiful spots in a truly unique way. 

Have you ever imagined what a camel ride would be like? Stop imagining and enjoy this great family-friendly experience! Without a doubt, Timanfaya National Park, with its unbeatable views, is the most famous place on the island to live this experience. 


The best camel riding routes in Lanzarote 

If you come to Lanzarote and want to have fun riding a camel tour, you have to do it in the Timanfaya National Park. It’s the best place to experience this adventure in a unique way!

Sit on the hump of a dromedary and enjoy a ride over Lanzarote’s lava flows in a very different way. On this famous camel safari through Timanfaya you will discover unparalleled volcanic landscapes and learn much of the island’s history. It will be an amazing experience!

Remember that the start of the route is at the Echadero de los Camellos (kilometre 16 of the LZ-67 road). This is where you’ll need to be to mount the camel of Lanzarote and start this fun volcanic route.

In Lanzarote there are two areas and routes for camel riding.

  • Camel ride in Timanfaya: Known as the “camels’ pass”, due to it being full of camels, this is one of the most famous parts of the Los Volcanes Natural Park, very close to the Timanfaya National Park. In fact, if you want to ride across this volcanic terrain by camel, this is the start point of your tour. You’ll ride the camel for about an hour on one of Timanfaya’s authorised trails. 
  • Camel ride in Uga: You can also enjoy a wonderful camelback tour in Uga, one of the oldest towns in Lanzarote. The ride on these beautiful animals lasts around an hour and you will explore some of the region’s most exotic and iconic trails. 


The cheapest camel riding routes in Lanzarote

The price of the camel excursion through the Timanfaya National Park is 22€ (this may vary depending on the type of route and time of year) and includes transfers from Costa Teguise, Arrecife or Puerto del Carmen if required.

If you are looking to enjoy the experience but at a lower cost, you can choose a shorter route and still feel what it is like to ride on the back of this animal. In Uga you can enjoy shorter camel routes which are inland and are a more economical rate than for Timanfaya.


Camel ride options in Lanzarote

If you have decided you want a camel ride in Lanzarote, you need to book your tour in advance both for Timanfaya and Uga. The camel tour ticket costs around €10-15 per camel. Usually one ticket can be used for two people if they both ride the same camel. 

To get to the “Camels’ pass”, you will have to make your own arrangements as it really is in the middle of nowhere. You should check the opening and closing times before going, as the times can change depending on the season.