Experiences In Ye

Rife with farming traditions, Ye is the urban heart of the municipality of Haría. It is at the foot of La Corona volcano, to the north.

The best rated experiences in Ye

Ye’s agriculture and tradition make it one of the best places to enjoy some of the island’s best wines. It also has a natural wilderness that offers endless options to hike or trek in the area. An example of this is the La Corona Volcano, an iconic volcanic site that has huge geological and scenic importance. On many of the trails around the volcano you can appreciate the flora and fauna that manages to exist in Ye’s dry and volcanic terrain. 

By the volcano is a small settlement in an enviable and contrasting setting of pure nature and volcanic rock. On the road to Ye, just by Risco de Famara, you’ll find the Río Viewpoint: a natural wonder that will give you the opportunity to marvel at a 360° panoramic view at 400 metres up. 

The best experiences in Ye

One of the best things to do in Ye is to see the La Corona volcano and the monument built in its honour. It is a natural space with endemic plants that was formed over 21,000 years ago by a volcanic eruption. If you are a fan of hiking, close to the town of Ye you can find the so-called Camino de los Gracioseros, a unique trail that takes you around the outskirts of this area.