Mini golf In Lanzarote

Minigolf is undoubtedly one of the best holiday activities, especially with children. In Lanzarote, there are plenty of options to enjoy this activity. Find out the best minigolf courses in Lanzarote where you can even take a few lessons.

The best minigolf courses in Lanzarote

The tourist hotspots in Lanzarote are well equipped for those tourists looking to enjoy a spot of minigolf during their holiday on the island. There are a range of interesting options, with large spaces designed for all the family to enjoy.

One of the most well-known minigolf courses is at Lanzarote Golf, located in Tias. It is a real spectacle, with 18 holes surrounded by volcanoes, sea views, and restaurants to enjoy a full day out.

Jurassic Crazy Golf Lanzarote is another popular option. It has a dinosaur theme and is ideal for children.

Another great choice is the Forbidden Temple Park, also in Tias. It has great prices, you can get a drink there, and enjoy a wonderful family day out. Highly recommended!

The best minigolf lessons in Lanzarote

Have you never played minigolf and are looking for a few classes to start off? You can do that on the island. At Jurassic Crazy Golf Lanzarote there are minigolf lessons available for those looking to take up this sport. 

Another great place to learn minigolf is at Mini Golf Aquarium, the perfect place to go with kids, it is not too expensive and has other activities as well to keep your children entertained for hours.

In general, any of Lanzarote’s minigolf courses will have some classes available for you to learn to play.