Experiences In Teguise

Lanzarote has a lot of secret spots and there are a huge number of activities to enjoy on the island. The municipality of Teguise is a must see because it essentially has everything that Lanzarote has to offer all in one place. You can enjoy water sports and games at Costa Teguise, enjoy a bit of culture in the town of Teguise, or visit some outstanding beaches in Famara.

The best rated experiences in Teguise

The most popular things to do are to head to the beaches of Las Cucharas and El Jablillo. These beaches are less busy than the ones in the south of island, but they are stunningly beautiful and a great place for visitors looking for a bit of peace and quiet and plenty of sun. 

One of the most famous tours is around the town of Teguise and its oldtown. A lovely wander through the oldtown and a visit to the market are two of the things you just have to do on your visit to Lanzarote. 

Two of the island’s most popular sporting activities are surfing and diving. In Famara you can surf by hiring a board or signing up to the numerous surf courses offered by the local surf schools. In terms of diving, you can find various diving centres at Costa Teguise and discover the depths of the island.

If you are looking for adventure, one of the most highly rated experiences are the guided buggy tours of the different volcanos. This adrenalin packed activity lasts for around 2-3 hours.

Another highly appealing tour for tourists is jet skiing at Costa Teguise. A really fun way to see Lanzarote’s coastline. 


The best experiences in Teguise

The best experiences in Teguise are outdoors. If you like trekking, there are some special spots to explore in Teguise such as Montaña Corona and other volcanos.

Caleta de Famara is also one of the most touristic spots in the area and on the island as a whole. The surf is spectacular at Playa de Famara, which would explain its popularity among visitors.

The town of Teguise is full of local Lanzarote history. In fact, it is considered to be one of the prettiest towns on the island. Costa Teguise is a tourist hotspot where most visitors like to stay due to its beaches, vast array of amenities, and its hotels.