Fishing In Lanzarote

In Lanzarote, as with any self-respecting island, fishing is everywhere. In addition to being one of the main sources of food over the years, it has also become another tourist attraction for the island of late. Recreational fishing is very popular, especially on the southeast coast of the island, where the main ports and marinas can be found. Here we list the best places to fish in Lanzarote.

The best places to fish in Lanzarote

Lanzarote’s beaches are not just for sunbathing and swimming. You can also enjoy the Atlantic Ocean with a fishing rod in your hand and the relaxing sea breeze on your face. If you like fishing, whether for sport or otherwise, these are a few spots on the island that you just can’t miss. 

  • Puerto Calero: This is one of the most important marinas on the island, meaning it has some really privileged fishing spots. You can fish on the coast, out at sea, or even try underwater fishing, for those with a real sense of adventure.
  • Puerto del Carmen: This is home to some of the island’s best loved beaches, but it is also an area with a long fishing tradition.
  • Arrecife: We cannot forget the island’s capital. There are plenty of piers where you can enjoy the sunrise with your fishing rod in hand.
  • Playa Blanca: Located in the southernmost part of the island, it has plenty of surrounding untouched beaches where fishing is a real pleasure.

Cost effective fishing spots in Lanzarote

You can freely fish anywhere in Lanzarote if you have a fishing permit. However, if you’re just coming for a few days on holiday and don’t have one of these, the island also offers some unforgettable fishing day experiences. In  Puerto Calero and Puerto del Carmen you will find fishing schools that teach the basics while also offering days out at sea fishing.