Skysurf In Lanzarote

Enjoy unique experiences on the island of volcanoes. In we have unforgettable experiences that will make you live in Lanzarote in a unique way.

The best skysurfing classes in Lanzarote

In Lanzarote there are plenty of options to enjoy all kinds of water sports. Skysurfing is one of the most popular, meaning it is not difficult to find schools that teach the activity. 

The best place in Lanzarote to skysurf is Playa Famara, and most of the schools teaching this sport can be found around here. For example:

  • Epic Lanzarote Surf & Kite School. This place offers course for every level, with private classes available and different promotions. 
  • ZooPark Famara Surf, SUP & Kite School. This is a school with professional instructors offering intensive classes for all kinds of water sports.
  • VolcanoKite & Surf School. This place makes learning any water sport even more fun, with well trained professionals and classes available in English. 

Cost effective skysurfing classes in Lanzarote

At any of the skysurf schools in Lanzarote that we have listed above there are some interesting options offering cheaper classes if you go as a group, for example.

Additionally, at places like Playa Blanca, there are a wide range of options for tourists wanting to learn how to skysurf in Lanzarote with an intensive course.

However, the widest selection of options available is at Caleta de Famara, due to its perfect conditions for this sport and it being one of the favoured places in Lanzarote to surf and enjoy other exciting water sports.